Fraudulent Purchases

Over the last day a few accounts have purchased templates off this website only to pay, download and then charge-back their items stating either 'not as described or thought it was [insert type of product like dvd or movie]'

Due to these 2 incidents of large amounts of money any charge backs will be fought with paypal and action will be taken if I or others find the templates offered on this website sold or offered elsewhere.

These accounts were also french linked emails and complaints on charge-backs

In addition to this Minecraft Website Templates will be undergoing a overhaul in security measures and sale process' over the next several weeks, We will keep you updated with this progress.

All templates and products on this site now fall under this Creative Commons Licence unless specified otherwise.

Creative Commons License
Minecraft Website Templates by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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