What are Beta Templates + Other News

What are Beta Templates?

These are templates that are often released for forums and online stores that are developed on the back of third party services (like xenforo and buycraft). These templates are often in Beta as there may be need for further testing on larger scale that can only be done with active online stores offering live payments and mass traffic. Once all bugs are found these templates will come out of beta with their improvements and fixes. In most cases these templates function 99% as intended minor bugs that are pointed out in the product description.

Other News:

We are working still on our new website that will offer a large change to this website, which also includes a re-brand in domain name, logo and content submission to meet a wider audience. This website domain name will still be active and have content produced for it but link over to the eventually new website. A time-frame for this update is currently unknown but development of new templates will continue to happen while this process is underway.

for any updates see @sycoinc on tiwtter

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