Major Website Update Coming Soon!

Hello Everyone sycoinc here,

There will be a major website update coming to the Minecraft Website Templates website in the coming month or two due to a recent investment that has been made into the website. This investment has given me the finds to dedicate some time to to a total re-haul of the website.

The website will be more fluid with less mishaps in the database and allow eventual submissions by YOU the minecraft community to sell your own templates and earn money on this website (there will be a % cut for minecraft website templates as a handling fee however).

However with this change will mean the user database and will be wiped resulting in your downloads not being accessible. I am working on a system to keep this version of the website up so you can download your files BUT will do my best to migrate all the users and your purchases over to the new system.

Look forward to growing this community and website in 2015!

- sycoinc

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